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IMS is an innovative Institution management System announced to streamline the practice of regular involvements of the institution. This has been specially designed with various amalgamation of the forthcoming progression which creates numerous opportunities to the institution for their operational achievements.

Fully integrated solution for your professional institution

IMS is a fully integrated solutions that manages end to end actions very easily with cost effectiveness. IMS is tremendously efficient, well organized, safe and elegant system which creates more confidence to the end users to organize themselves. The Stylish look and feel of the IMS charms students, parents, staff, administrators and management to get involved more and more on daily basis.

Anywhere | Anytime Stay Connected!

IMS architecture is designed by many professional architects to ensure that, everyone stay connected at their ease with greater experience. The massive performance of IMS system can support multiple users to get involved on their regular activities anytime, anywhere without any hassle.




1. Courses and Batches
2. Student Admission
3. Student / Parent login
4. Human Resource
5. News Management
6. Payroll Processing
7. Employee / Staff login
8. Student Attendance
9. User Management
10. Messaging System
11. Timetable
12. Institute / Event calendar
13. Report Center
14. Examination / Assessment
15. Fees
16. Scholarship
17. Students Remarks
18. Customizable Dashboards
19. Student Information
20. SMS Integration


1. Assignment
2. Discussion
3. Hostel
4. Library
5. Placement
6. Transport
7. Task
8. Inventory
9. Gallery
10. E-Learning


1. Mobile Version
2. Finance
3. Email Management
4. Alumni
5. Data Export
6. Online Exams
7. Payment Gateway
8. Audit


Pre-defined Template facility
Auto Message Scheduler
Absentees : Instant updates to parents
Fee pending and receipts
Student Activities – Homework, Assignments, Sports etc…
Message History management
Data Analysis for management

Instant Alerts on timings and bus route changes if any
Automatic payroll processing
Real time reporting
Vehicle Tracking
Custom Message Facility
Instantly communicate to employee, parents and all
Instant Exam Results

Festival & birthdays wishes
Track Employee arrival / departure, break / Holidays, absents etc…
Multi location integration
Auto email / SMS alerts
Library Tracking
User Management
Many more…

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