Vission & Mission

We work on a principle; our client's advancement and growth is our prime goal. We achieve this with our experience into technically formulated tools and frameworks. We help our clients to elevate in the competitive market with high quality of products and reduce costs.

Our mission at PYE is to deliver IT / ITES solutions at a great value proposition with innovative skillsets and well managed processes, we provide a best in class service at the lowest costs in the industry thus adding tremendous value to your business.

Thoughts Leadership Platform

Not all platforms are created equally—and that’s a good thing, because thought leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. Some platforms are best for sharing quick thoughts, while others are more appropriate for long-form content. There are options that work well for creatives, IT workers and business professionals—and there’s one that’s just right for you.

Corporate world Platform

The Corporater Business Management Platform gives customers full control over the structure of their objects. For example, KPIs are not defined the same way by all customers. We offer the freedom to define your business meta model to fit your business reality.

End to End Testing Platform

End-to-end testing is a methodology that validates an entire application workflow from start to finish by simulating real user scenarios. The process will expand test coverage, improve the efficiency of your tests, reduce the time and costs associated with testing, and increase your application’s productivity. With end-to-end testing, you’ll feel confident about product launch.

What We Offer


Business Management

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Leadership Development

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Social benefits and services

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WHY we are best?

We partner with clients to put recommendations into practice.


Pye provides the very fastest delivery to its customers with solid track of agile process.


We help our clients to elevate in the competitive market with better quality.


Pye always maintains transparent communication with its customers to avoid any critical situations.


We define our milestones based on our customer needs with maximum flexibility.


We have got a solid customer service dept with well-trained employees.


We provide a best in class service at the lowest costs in the global industry

Our Success Tranformation Story

How to grow world with Us

Success is one of the most important "word" when it comes to any business. Everyone wants to achieve it without any diversification. The more you enggage yourself to the business will return in bunch of value additions in the society. Business is all about alligning your thoughts into the right environment with skillful resource.

You can find some thoughts on success from our customers and alumni here – every story is unique, but this is what success is. Every customer feels it differently and make a practice of achieving it by fighting hard in the rapidly growing world. We support our customers in many critical circumstances and that creates many success stories.

Pye Technosoft

Virtual training systems

Our expertise always keeps you in comfortable training practices by understanding your core background and that makes you more confident

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Design planning

The key success of any product is the design phase and we spend more valuable time to bring-up top on board with a convencing delivery cycle

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Remote condition monitoring

Monitoring is the biggest challenge in the global world and we take eye on it by implementing various remote monitoring machnisum to handle it smartly.

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We are Providing great Services

PYE offer the full spectrum of services to help organizations work better. Everything from creating standards of excellence to training the people to work in more effective ways.

Our Client Say

We committed to helping you maintain your Brand Value.

Maria mathews
CEO & founder

Pye helps fill our Business, and increase our show up rate every single time.

Chiet Chong

We are fully impressed with the way they deal with us and we are comfortable as well.

What's Your Challenge?

Let's work together to solve it.


Latest News


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Businesses use a premium pricing strategy when they're introducing a new product that has distinct competitive advantages over similar products. A premium-priced product is priced higher than its competitors which may also create some attention

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Creating Brand Values

Consumers love brands because they offer an extra value—that is, one in addition to the core product or service. That value becomes the major motivation for consumers to buy or use the product. The decoration approach sees differentiation as a matter of appearance.

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Exciting New Technologies

For anyone who loves technology, it was kind of a downer. While we shouldn’t turn away from the challenges that the information age keeps springing on us, It’s easy to hope to see something that dazzles you or is so ambitious that in a decade it might just be incredible.

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